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20 Microns Foundation – National diabetes care services for underprivileged



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Whether in work or retired, Volunteering for a cause you believe in is a great way to help others. Become a proponent of change! Invest your unique skills and valuable time to cast a priceless smile on someone’s face. Email us today !


We believe that collaborating with like-minded organizations to co-create meaningful CSR programs can be an effective way to provide everyday, practical support to diabetics in the management of their disease. Lets Create a Better Tomorrow!


Your generosity can help us in making a meaningful impact on society. Become a part of the 20 Microns Diabetes family and get involved in making a brighter future for people with diabetes. You can donate and also spread a word to help.

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Type 1 Diabetes


Giveup to Diabetes Every Year in India.

Type 2 Diabetes

Impact of Diabetes on Society

----------------Key Facts----------------

The number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. The global prevalence of diabetes among adults over 18 years of age was 8.5% in 2014

It was estimated that more than 422 million people worldwide were living with diabetes.

India currently represents a huge chunk of the world’s diabetes burden, with an estimated 72 million cases in 2017, which is expected to almost double to 134 million by 2025.

It is expected that more than 134 million Indians will be living with diabetes by 2025.

Almost half of all deaths attributed to high blood glucose occur before the age of 70 years. It is also a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation.

Globally, an estimated 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes in 2015. Another 2.2 million deaths were attributable to high blood glucose in 2012.

Among the Indian States, Tamil Nadu had the highest death rate from diabetes
with 53 deaths per 1,00,000 population. Punjab comes next with 44 deaths
followed by Karnataka with 42 death counts. All these counts are significantly
higher than the national average of 23. Sadly, there is a 50% rise in diabetes
deaths across India over the last 11 years and the count is still rising and
demands an immediate attention.

Diabetes prevalence has been rising more rapidly in developing countries with majority of population having middle and low-income. It is spreading to those who can least afford to pay for its management. Because the disease is expensive, the situation because worse. In India, it is estimated that one has to pay more
than Rs. 40 on its treatment per day.

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