Type 2 Diabetes, also known as noninsulin-dependent diabetes, is a chronic
condition that affects the way human body metabolizes sugar or glucose, which
is an important source of fuel to the body. With Type 2 Diabetes, the body either
resists the effects of insulin or fails to produce enough insulin to keep the glucose
level to normal.
Type 2 Diabetes is very common among the adults but these days there are cases
in which even children are found to have this type of diabetes due to the
childhood obesity. Although there is no cure to Type 2 Diabetes but one may be
able to manage toe conditions by exercising regularly, eating well and
maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many even require diabetes medications and
insulin therapy to maintain a good life with diabetes.
Basic signs and symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes:
* Increased thirst
* Frequent urination
* Fatigue
* Unintended weight gain or loss
* Slow-healing sores
* Blurred vision
* Darkened skin
* Frequent infections
Basic factors responsible for Type 2 Diabetes:
Genes: Studies have shown that different bits of DNA affect the working of body
and how it makes insulin.
Metabolic Syndrome: High blood pressure, extra fat around waist, high
cholesterol & triglycerides are some of the many conditions found in people with
insulin resistance.
Age: Usually, Type 2 Diabetes is found among the adults. There are cases in
which even kids are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes mainly due to childhood
Extra weight: The major factor causing insulin resistance is being overweight or
obese especially carrying some extra pounds around the middle. Childhood
obesity is the main reason that children these days are getting affected with Type
2 Diabetes.
Too much glucose from liver: Liver tends to create and send glucose when the
blood sugar level in the body is low. Every time one eats something, the blood
sugar level rises and liver then slows down the production of glucose and stores
that extra glucose for later use. But this fails to happen in some cases and the
liver simply cranks out sugar.

Family History: The chances of someone getting Type 2 Diabetes increases if the
parent or sibling is having the Type 2 Diabetes.

Broken beta cell: When the insulin-producing cells sends the wrong amount of
insulin at the wrong time then the blood sugar level gets thrown off. It is because
high glucose can damage such cells very easily. Such inappropriate chain
reaction can lead to the disease.

Effect of Type 2 Diabetes on human body:
Heart & Cardiovascular Disorders: Diabetes is responsible for various
cardiovascular diseases. Coronary artery disease, stroke, chest pain (angina),
heart attack, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure are some of the common
problems a person with Type 2 Diabetes faces and has to deal with.
Nerve Damage or Neuropathy Disorder: Type 2 Diabetes damages the nerves.
This mainly affects the perception of pain, heat and cold making one more
susceptible to all kind of day-to-day injuries.
Kidney Damage or Nephropathy Disorder: Type 2 Diabetes is responsible for
damaging the kidneys and affecting its ability to filter waste products from your
blood. This can even lead to an extent of kidney failure.
Eye Damage: The person with Type 2 Diabetes has more chances of getting
his/her blood vessels of retina damaged (diabetic retinopathy). This can even
lead to the permanent blindness.
Foot Damage: Poor blood flow to the feet can increase the risk of various foot
complications increases with the poor blood flow to the feat.
Reproductive system: The risk of high blood pressure increases with the change
in hormones during pregnancy causing gestational diabetes. IF a mother
develops gestational diabetes then the delivery may become complicated and the
risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes several years following the baby’s delivery
Hearing impairment: Hearing problems are more common in people with Type 2
Skin Disease: This type of diabetes can also affect the largest organ of the human
body i.e. skin. Person with Type 2 Diabetes is more vulnerable to skin infections
like fungal and bacterial infections.
Alzheimer disease: Type2 diabetes increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease
with the poorer management of blood sugar level.

Life with T2D is not easy and becomes more miserable if proper care is not taken
in time. A sincere attention is very necessary when a person is diagnosed with
Type 2 Diabetes. Proper medication is also important to lead a hassle-free life
with T2D. A get well-detailed diabetes self-management knowledge is a key to
deal with this disease and therefore one should consult a doctor or diabetic
educator regarding the same. 20 Microns Diabetes Center strives to promote
the awareness about diabetes across all the classes of the society. We believe
that by educating people about this life-threatening disease can help the society
fight against diabetes.

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