India: The Diabetes Capital of World
Every year around 12,000 people give-up to Diabetes in India.
No wonder why India is often considered as the diabetes capital of the world.
Because of its ever-growing population, the percentage of population living with
diabetes also increases significantly. It is estimated that on an average, nearly
12,000 people in India give-up their lives to diabetes. Majority of them belong to
low or middle-income families. Diabetes is one the most talked and researched
diseases across the world and especially in India. According to the International
Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries, India is right now witnessing an
alarming growth of diabetic incidences. It was estimated that in India alone,
around 72,946,400 cases of diabetes were found in 2017.

Being a developing country, India has an uneven distribution of wealth,
resources and privileges among the people. While rich class can afford the
expensive treatments and management programs for diabetes, middle-income
families and underprivileged people are often left to struggle with the disease
and eventually give-up their life to diabetes. Inactivity, unhealthy lifestyle and
the excessive consumption of high-calorie foods & drinks have eventually
exacerbated the diabetes’ risk factors in India. Medical experts are of the point
that timely detection of diabetes and correct management and treatment can
help patients lead a normal and better life. But such medicines and treatments
are not easily available to all. A sincere attention is required into this issue so
that even underprivileged families can dare to hope for better life for their loved
ones living with diabetes.

Diabetes in India is growing like a wild fire and needs an immediate attention in
order to stop this fire grow beyond the limit. The rise in diabetes prevalence
throughout the country is not just indicative of an ageing people but it is
impacting all age groups. Therefore, a special care is needed for children more
specifically from underprivileged families as they can hardly afford any
treatment, medicines and regular insulin for their kids struggling with diabetes.
Currently, one in every four people under 25 is living with diabetes with most of
them not knowing of their disease at all. Diabetes control in India is far from the
ideal case of Hemoglobin and blood sugar level control. It has taken its most
dreadful nature in India affecting the population vigorously.

20 Microns Diabetes Center is working hard to create a better tomorrow for
people with diabetes especially juveniles. Juveniles are the main focus point of
the organization as nurturing the youth of the society can only help us create a
better and healthy tomorrow for the nation. Watching a juvenile losing his/her
smile just because of diabetes is not easy and leaves an emotional impact and
therefore all the possible support like free checkups, treatments, insulin,
medicines and educational aid is provided to the children with diabetes and their
families so that they can lead a better life. We Put Kids First.
Become a reason for someone’s smile, someone’s happiness & someone’s life.
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