Diabetes Concerns Every Family

‘World Diabetes Day’

 In 1991, the World Health Organization (WHO) and The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) came together for a great initiative and started ‘World Diabetes Day’ on 14th November. This initiative was in response to the ever-growing health threats on humans by diabetes.

14th November is not anymore just a day on a calendar but it’s more than that. It’s a hope to millions, a reason to smile and a reason to live.

 Since then, 14th November is being globally considered as World Diabetes Day and thousands of events, local screening, social activities, awareness programs and workshops are being organized every year by number of organizations throughout the world. Also considered as an official United Nations (UN) Awareness Day, it has now become the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign.  All this and many more just to raise the awareness of the dreadful condition diabetes has imposed on over 420 million people and still counting.

The main aim of World Diabetes Day is to provide a leading platform to promote awareness and knowledge about diabetes. It also aims to educate people about the importance of practicing coordinated and well-planned treatment and lifestyle to confront diabetes as a serious global health threat. Moreover, it makes it sure that diabetes remains the key issue of discussion in the global, public and political spotlight.

With a tagline ‘Diabetes Concerns Every Family’, the theme of World Diabetes Day in 2018 & 2019 is ‘The Family and Diabetes’. The tagline is self-explanatory for it highlights the importance of the family and the dreadful effect diabetes can have on an individual and his/her family members. The study shows that one in every two people living with diabetes is undiagnosed and remains unaware until some serious health issue pops out of nowhere. The only key to helping prevent or delay life-threatening complications related to diabetes is its early diagnosis and treatment. Things become more complicated with Type 1 Diabetes, if it is not detected early, then it can lead to some chronic disorders and serious disability or even death. Therefore it is very important to know and understand the signs and symptoms of diabetes so that you can protect yourself and your family in time.

The fight against diabetes can never be won without a proper awareness and up-to-date knowledge about the disease, its cause, prevention and possible cure.

 World Diabetes Day is all about how to live a better and productive life with diabetes and what best can be done to keep it away. It offers a platform for individuals to connect and work together for a better tomorrow. Rich, poor, survivor, patient, family member of the patient, doctors, volunteers, social workers, philanthropist, etc. every one can come together and help the community, nation and thus the whole world in this fight against diabetes.

Every year, 20 Microns Diabetes Center organizes events and programs to celebrate ‘World Diabetes Day’ by highlighting the impact of diabetes not only on an individual but also on the society as a whole. The organization works hard to raise the awareness about diabetes among all the classes of people from rich to poor, privileged to underprivileged, families to corporate companies. The team of 20 Microns is well dedicated and determined to fight against diabetes and provide better life to the diabetic patients especially juveniles.

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