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When It’s About Diabetes, We Always Try To Come Forward – 20 Microns Foundation

When It’s About Diabetes, We Always Try To Come Forward
Helping the society in every possible way in fighting against diabetes is what we
aim to do with the dedicated support and valuable donations offered by
individuals, families, other organizations and corporate companies throughout
India and abroad.

Because Together We Can Achieve Better

20 Microns Diabetes Center offers a reliable and trustworthy platform for people
to come forward and show their support and care for the diabetic patients
especially juveniles. Diabetes is a serious, one of the most common, expensive,
yet manageable disease. People with diabetes usually face an array of health
issues like cardiovascular disease, lower-limb amputation, blindness, kidney
failure and many more to name. Because nothing comes free and that’s the
reality and therefore in such tough time, it becomes very important to
understand the problems that any underprivileged family may face while
offering a proper treatment to their loved ones especially their children
struggling with diabetes. Many families simply try avoiding the pain caused by
the disease and hope for an easy end of their life just because they can’t afford a
proper treatment for diabetes. This is sad but truth.
In order to help people with diabetes, 20 Microns Diabetes Center organizes
many workshops, free health checkups, seminars and field visits to educate the
people from all the classes and background about diabetes and its effect, cause
and available treatments. We make sure that very single penny donated to our
organization is used well in providing Diabetic Medicines, Emergency Care,
Insulin To The Needy and Education Aid To The Children From Underprivileged
Families. We have our own Mobile Awareness Van or Diabetes Emergency
Ambulance that helps us reach and help more and more people living with
diabetes. This mobile van is well equipped with all the modern and essential
medical instruments that are used in treating diabetes, checking blood sugar
level, diabetic medicines and insulin. Most of these services are offered at
subsidized rates, which are way far lower than the actual rates in any hospitals
and clinics.
With growth in medical science, the way of treating diabetes is evolving at the
faster pace. Instead of Insulin Syringes, these days we are offering Insulin
Cartridges to the diabetic juveniles. These Cartridges, even through bit costlier
than the old-fashioned Insulin Syringes, offers a painless and hassle-free
treatment to the Juveniles. As we all know well the limitless pain of syringes and
therefore especially for kids, we always prefer Insulin Cartridges. We are trying
to provide these Insulin Cartridges to more and more juveniles so that they can
have a pain free treatment and never-ending smile on their face. Even though the
cost expenditure for Insulin Cartridges is around 4000/- per kid per month, we
believe it’s absolutely worthy when you see a child getting insulin with a smile.

Help Us Create A Better Tomorrow For Diabetic Juveniles.
Help Us Create A Happier Future For The Society.
Help Us Create A Diabetic Free World.

Many corporate companies, organizations and individuals have already joined
the hands with us in fighting diabetes and providing all the essentials to the
needy. We invite you and your organization to stand strong with us against
diabetes. Join us and expand your company’s horizon through an active and
efficient CSR – Company Social Responsibility involvements and help the diabetic
juveniles live their dream. Every Donation Counts. Every Support Matters.
Connect with Us Right Now.

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