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Diabetes Seminars – 20 Microns Foundation

Diabetes Seminars | Managing Diabetes Lifestyle is Utmost Important.

20 Microns Diabetes Center is an organization completely dedicated to help
diabetic patients especially Juveniles live a healthier, better and productive life at
its best. It has a well-experienced and smart team of professionals, social
workers and volunteers who are trying their best to fight against diabetes.
Moreover the organization is backed up with well-qualified and renowned
doctors & physicians from around the country who are dedicating their precious
time and efforts in educating the people from all the classes about diabetes, its
cause and effects through number of programs, seminars, workshops and field
visits organized and arranged by 20 Microns Diabetes Center throughout the

A Small Step Today Can Be A Big Achievement Tomorrow.
These seminars, workshops & field visits are well designed and result-oriented.
They are mainly focused to solve the doubts and questions like “how to treat
diabetes”, “what is the best treatment for diabetes”, how to live a healthy life
with diabetes” and many more such queries related to diabetes. The one-on-one
sessions significantly helps in answering the questions raised by patients or their
family members regarding diabetes, its cause, treatment and cure.

Our doctors help people with diabetes in managing their life so that they can live
a better life without any trouble and worries. We at, 20 Microns Diabetes Center,
believe that educating the patient and their family members about diabetes plays
an important role in fighting this dreadful disease. Following are some of the key
points one should consider and live with in order to lead a better life with
* Eat Healthy: With diabetes, diet becomes crucial. This is because
whatever you eat, irrespective of the quantity, affects your blood sugar
level. One should focus on consuming only as much as his/her body
requires. While going for dairy products and meat, non-fat products
should be consumed. It is very important to keep an eye on your carb
intake as carbohydrates eventually turns down into sugar. This becomes a
thumb rule when you are taking insulin or drugs to control blood sugar
* Exercise: Being non-active is at all good for diabetic patients. Joining a
gym or aerobic classes is not necessary but one should at least have a
regular walk or jog daily. Yoga offers an added value for health and hence
it is always advisable to perform yoga regularly or at least thrice a week.
An active lifestyle not only helps you in controlling your diabetes but also
lowers down the chances of getting heart related problems. Moreover, it
can help you lose some extra pounds as well.
* Regular Checkups: Getting checked up regularly is a good habit when
living diabetes. Even if you do not have it yet, get yourself checked at least twice a year to make sure about your health and diabetes. It is very important to know and learn the safe range for cholesterol, blood
pressure, etc. Eye and foot checkups are also advisable for the diabetic patients.

* Manage Stress Level: Stress is an enemy of good health especially in case
of diabetes. Whenever you are stressed, your blood sugar level rises high
enough to cause you a trouble. Being anxious and nervous may affect your
lifestyle and even make you forget to exercise, take medicines in time or
following healthy diet. You should include yoga, physical activities, etc. in
his/her lifestyle that can help you relax enough to lead a healthy life.

Managing healthy lifestyle is very essential for people with diabetes and can do miracles for them.

We believe in miracles and we believe in giving our best to the society and
therefore we, at 20 Microns Diabetes Center, always strive to offer some
of the best opportunities to the society by helping them especially
juveniles living with diabetes. Organizing regular seminars, free health
checkup camps, workshop and field works helps us in reaching more and
more people from all the classes. This way, we can help more and more by
educating them about diabetes.

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